The crime a hoax

note: in second paragraph court investigator agknowleges that DA's files show informant created this hoax of a crime.

Edward Jackson's Pre-sentence Investigation
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Description of Offense: On 8-23-96, the offender was one of three people found in the back seat of a car parked in the twenty-jsix hundred block of North 16th Street, Milwaukee. The driver was Dwayne Brown, and James Tate was in the front passenger seat of the car. They were found to have weapons on or near them. In the back were the offender, Joseph Davis, and Tyrone Stallings. In the back seat along with the offender and the two others, three glass bottles, each containing gasoline and a wick, were found. The three in the back seat, along with the informant that turned them in, said that they were planning on firebombing a home, and when the people ran out of the houses, the two in the front seats were supposed to shoot them. They said they found out when they were in the car that they were supposed to firebomb several police officers' homes.
According to the DA's files, a police informant had a pending drug case, and he, without the knowledge of the police department, recruited the five people to commit the crime, and then turned them in, hopping to get a lesser sentence on his pending case.
The offender was charged with Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Intentional Homicide (PTAC), Conspiracy to Commit Arson of a Building, (PTAC), and Possession of a Fire Bomb (PTAC). He pled not guilty, but was found guilty of all counts by a jury.

Offender's Version: According to the offender, on the day of the incident, he had been at his girlfriend's house for 1 1/2 hours smoking marijuana with several other people on the porch. They were out of marijuana, and when some people he didn't know drove up, someone said that these people might have some. The others got into the car, and as offender followed them, one of them said to get the bag that was on the porch. He did so, noticing that it smelled like gas, and got into the car. They drove around the corner, and Chris (the informant), who he knows to sell drugs, drove up behind them. The driver of the car took $10.00 from the offender, and went to the side of the house after Chris did. He came back and said that they had to wait for Chris. They were listening to loud music when the police came up behind them, and they were then arrested.
The offender said he thinks that Chris set up the other guys. There wasn't any talk in the car about blowing anything up. He suspected that there was gas in the bag, especially after he was going to light a cigarette, and others said not to, but he never opened it up to know for sure. He said he was only planning on getting some marijuana and was then going to be dropped off on Center Street.
The offender said he didn't make statements to the police about what was said in the car. After being questioned for a while, the officer told him that they'd let him out if he signed the statement, and so the officer wrote it out and he signed it. He said he had gotten some information that the judge

from sentencing transcript:
1 When you review the presentence report,
2 you review the report prepared by Miss Padway,
3 they are interesting. They point to a man who
4 has some needs. They point to a man who as a
5 juvenile- had some 'troubles."" But nothing in his
6 history appeared to point to Mr. Jackson ending .
7 up here.
8 But I also believe there aren't too
9 many people who you can say would end up with
10 these kinds of crimes. These absolutely horrid
11 crimes.
12 The fact that they didn't come to
13 fruition, the fact that Mr. Jackson and his
14 cohorts aren't here being sentenced for a murder
15 is due to the actions of the police and due to a
16 lot of luck.
17 Chris Jones may very well have -- In
18 fact, in the eyes of the State, Chris Jones put
19 this whole scheme into --he created it, he put
20 it into motion.

21 Mr. Jones somehow relied upon the
22 police stopping the scheme. They did. But I
23 think that was shear luck. Something could have
24 happened.
25 The police may not have made it, and
1 indicated, let's get the MF 5-O, meaning Hawaii
2 F-O obviously. That means the intent to get the
3 deputy sheriff.
4 ' Rosen says this morning the cops were
5 watching this at "ail" timesr. Yes" and no. It was
6 a period of time in which that police officer did
7 not have that car totally under surveillance.
8 And if they hadn't gotten over there
9 when they did, it would only have taken them 30
10 seconds to take off and get over to that deputy's
11 house. It wasn't that far away, and the
12 completed crime would have occurred.
13 Jackson says this whole thing was
14 planned by Chris Jones. I don't doubt that
15 that's probably accurate from everything that I
16 heard. That he was doing it simply to give
17 better identification of himself in the drug case
18 that he was facing.
19 I mean the whole thing is bazaar from 1
20 the standpoint of Jones1 positions; that is, in
21 planning this kind of a firebomb of a deputy
22 sheriff's house and ultimately a City of
23 Milwaukee police officer as well, and then going
24 to the police and telling the police of this plot .
25 in order to ingratiate himself with either the ;
23 police, the district attorney or the court.

2 But as Mr. Tiffin said this morning,
3 the for-hire guys went along. One of whom is ,

4 Edward Jackson. You, Mr. Jackson, were not
5 required- to honor the request of Mr.' Jones or
6 Stallings or Davis or anyone else to make and
7 carry a molotov cocktail into that car which was
8 not exactly a small bottle, like quart size if I
9 recall, with the cloth wick soaked in gasoline.
10 There's-only one reason why somebody
11 uses one of those things or makes one of those
12 things or carries one of those things and that's
13 to use it.
14 You just don't go along in a car with
15 that kind of a device to go over to somebody's
16 house to buy marijuana. Or if you are going to
17 -buy marijuana, you are going for a dual purpose. '
18 So the second reason why there's a '
19 difference between Stallings, Davis and this
20 defendant is not only that he was found guilty of
21 three crimes as opposed to one but he also lied
22 in front of the jury.
23 Now, we are prohibited from imposing a
24 sentence against somebody like Mr. Jackson for
25 lying because he wasn't charged with perjury.

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