district attorney admits entrapment

November 6,1996
Milwaukee County
Mr. Keith E. Broadnax
Attorney at Law
8131 West Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53222

RE:State V. Dwayne Brown, F-964320

Dear Mr. Broadnax:
The above-referenced matter has been reviewed by myself together with District Attorney McCann and Deputy District Attorney Jon Reddin. I have been authorized to make the following offer on behalf of the State. Should your client enter a plea of guilty to the charges of Possession of Firearm by a Felon and Carrying a Concealed Weapon, as well as Habitual Criminality, the State would recommend a presentence examination and thereafter that your client be incarcerated for a period of 9 years,, 6 years on the Possession of Firearm by Felon and 3 years on the CCW, Habitual Criminality, the sentences to run consecutive to each other and consecutive to any parole or probation revocation.
Be advised that an investigation is continuing concerning the facts aid circumstances surrounding the incident that led to your client's present situation. If sufficient evidence can be obtained, additional charges may issue against your client.
You are hereby informed that the State believes the conspiracies, which are the subject of the charges against your client, were put into motion by a man named Chris Jones. At the time of these events, Chris Jones was attempting to act as an informer for the Milwaukee Police Department in an effort to mitigate the State's sentencing recommendation in a felony drug case. The information presently available contains strong evidence that Chris Jones, obviously acting without the concurrence of the Milwaukee Police Department, recruited your client together with his co-defendeans and then turned them in to the police to gain favor for himself.
This offer is contingent upon your client remaining crime free between now and the date or plea and/or sentencing, it is further contingent upon receipt from you of your client's acceptance of this offer far enough in advance of any jury trial date so that I may avoid subpoenaing witnesses.

Yours truly,
assistant District Attorney

write to Edward Jackson #244447
Green Bay Correctional Institution
PO Box 19033
Green Bay, Wi 54307

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