Two Police documents in Edward Jackson case

TWO Milwaukee Police Department Reports

#1(scan of Document submitted by Det. Frank Velasquez 8/23,1996)

On 8-23-96, at approximately 12:33 pm, I, Detective Frank Velasquez, did receive information from a confidential informant via their attorney that this confidential informant had information regarding the possible fire bombing of a Milwaukee Police Officer's home and a Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy's home.
The confidential informant related that this bombing would occur by the use of Molatov Cocktails. Information was also received that guns had arrived from out-of-town and that these guns would be used to protect the actors involved in the potential fire bombing. The informant relayed, that this bombing would be done in retaliation of a recent police fatal shooting that occurred at 19th and Meinacke Street.
At this time, officers are unable to determine the geographical area in which this bombing may occur.
Respectfully submitted,

#2 Supplementary report by Velasquez
6 Pages, NOTE:
Informant does not mention nor describe Edward Jackson as being involcved in this case
On August 23, 1996, at approximately 12:30 P.M.,- I, Det. Frank A. VELASQUEZ, was contacted by the Milwaukee County- District Attorney's office and informed that a confidential informant (from here on in referred to as the "C.I.") through its Legal Attorney, wished to lend information to the Milwaukee Police Department regarding the possible firebombing of a Milwaukee Police Department Officer and a Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department Officer's residence. This was to be done by the use of Molotov cocktails and weapons were to be used to also shoot the potential victims.
This act would be in retaliation for the fatal shooting by police that occurred at the 1900 block of W. Meinecke St.
This attorney did come to the Vice Control Division on 8-23-96;and verify this information to me, Det. VELASQUEZ.Arrangements were then made to meet with the "C.I.".
At approximately 3:00 P.M., on 8-23-96, I, Det. VELASQUEZ, along with Det. Barry J. DEBRASKA, Jr., did meet and speak with
this "C.I.",who related the following.
On 8-23-96, the "C.I." and five other individuals were going to firebomb 2-homes on the Northside of Milwaukee. These homes belong to law enforcement officers. The "C.I." related that earlier in the week, 12-Mac 11, semi-automatic weapons were purchased and brought to Milwaukee, WI., from Newton, Mississippi, by an individual by the name of Paul JAMES. These weapons were to be used in addition to the firebombing of the officer's homes. The "C.I." related that three of the actors were to ride in one
vehicle, and the other three in the 2nd vehicle. The first vehicle
would drive up to the house. Two of the individuals would exit the
vehicle, run up to the house, and proceed to throw a Molotov
cocktail at the front porch, side of the house, and rear porch, and then continue to run past the house. Finally, to be picked up again by the first vehicle. The 2nd vehicle with the other
actors would be waiting across the street from that residence, and watch to see if anyone would come out of that burning building, or at the very least, investigate the noise that would come from the bottles being thrown against the house. When the occupants would appear on the porch area, they would then be shot by two of the actors, while the 3rd would drive off. These actors would be using the automatic weapons that were purchased from Newton, Mississippi.
The suspects would then drive off and meet at a tavern located
at 17th & Wright, which is "John's Tavern", where they would discuss the plans for the 2nd bombing, and decide if it was to take place at all depending on the police saturation in the area of the first bombing.
If the suspects had decided that the 2nd bombing was to go on as scheduled, the suspects would walk to the 2nd location and duplicate the first bombing. The only difference would be that the suspects would use no vehicle and be on foot. After the completion of the 2nd bombing,- the suspects would blend and fade into "the crowd during police response to the 2nd bombing.
If the 2nd bombing did not occur on the same night as the first bombing, it would take place the following night.
This offense was to take place, at approximately 12:00 or 12:30 A.M., due to the fact that Police Department personnel had a shift change, and this would delay police response to the bombings.
After the "C.I." presented the plans for the bombings, the "C.I." then described the 6-suspects as /being:
#1. B/M, "Tall James", 26-yoa., 6'7" tall, 240 Ibs.,. med. build, black hair, short tight afro, mustache, thin goatee
#2. B/M, "T.Y.", possibly "Tyrone", 21-yoa., 6'1" tall, 170 Ibs., muscular build, med. black short afro hair, rides a blue Trek 900 bicycle. .
#3. B/M, "Tim", 23 yoa,6'tall, 150 lbs.,thin build;long permed hair, mustache, goatee. This suspect was recently released
from the Sturtevant Correctional Facility approximately 2 weeks ago.
#4., B/M, Dwayne BROWN, also known as "Yellow Boy" , B/M, 20's, light skin, 6'2" tall, 160 Ibs., thin build, long braids. This suspect drives a black Buick LeSabre, 1979 to 1980. This subject also has an acne complexion. This individual also is selling the Mac 11. Up to this date he has 3-4 left, selling them anywhere from $600.00 to $1,000.00 apiece.
#5., B/M, Junior BROOKS , possible first name of William, 38-yoa., 5'10" tall, heavy build, 240 Ibs., short nappy hair, goatee, mustache. This subject has a front gold tooth, and drives a 1994,4 -door, Ford Explorer, green in color w/brown interior . This subject was armed with a .9mm gun underneath his car seat. This suspect is supposedly on Federal Parole for "delivery, of 10-kilograms of cocaine
#6., Chris Jones, 20 yoa.,150 lbs.,black hair,hangs in the area of 17th & Meinecke.
It should be noted that the "C.I." did indicate that no/one really stays at any particular area of this area, bounded by 16th & Wright to 19th & Meinecke, -north and south, east and west. What these individuals do is meet in the (hood), gather together, and inform each other as to what's going on. These subjects then disburse from this area until they meet in the "hood" again on a daily basis to exchange information.
Det's VELASQUEZ and DEBRASKA, then took this "C.I." to the area of the possible bombing locations to determine the correct addresses and ascertain the identity of the possible victims, which officers did obtain.
The vehicle to be used in the commission of these crimes, was Dwayne BROWN'S black Buick LeSabre, and a brown van of which the .
side doors open for easy exiting and re-entering the vehicle once these actors commit this crime. The Buick was to carry the "shooter's", "Tall James", Junior BROOKS, Dwayne BROWN. The brown van was to contain the people throwing the Molotov cocktails which consisted of "Ty", "Chris", and "Tim".
The 1st bombing was to occur at 2400/02 (duplex) N. 22nd St., which is the home of a Milwaukee Police Officer.
The 2nd bombing was to occur at 2436 N. 14th St., which is the home of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy.
There was also to be a 3rd bombing located at 2672 N. Palmer St., the suspects thinking that a police officer also lived at this location, due to the fact there was an unmarked vehicle parked in front of this residence. As officers could determine, this vehicle was possibly obtained through an auction. At this time there is no indication of any law enforcement officer living at 2672 N. Palmer St.
This 3rd incident was to occur on 8-26-96.
At the "conclusion of information obtained, this information was then passed on to supervisors who then made a determination as to what actions were to follow after this.
After the arrest of the individual's named and others, a debriefing was conducted, with the "C.I.". The "C.I." indicated to me; VELASQUEZ, that he went to the area of 17th & Wright, which is considered the "hood". The individual by the name of "Ty" asked if it was "still on", which he meant to be the bombing. "Ty" related that he had everything with him, which consisted of gas and bottles. The individual's by the name of "Dwayne"and"Tall James", did pull up in a vehicle, to the area of 17th & Wright, and other subjects then "jumped into this "Dwayne's" car. Subjects drove this vehicle around the block and returned to the area of 17th & Wright, and then picked up an individual by the name of "Black" One of the individuals exited black Buick and entered his own Buick vehicle. This subject then drove to his father's house, which is located somewhere in the area of N. 16th St. This individual is believed to have changed clothes and then meet up with the suspects at a later time.
"Tall James" and "Dwayne" were the shooters for this particular incident this night, "Black" and "Ty" were to throw the Molotov cocktails. An individual by the name of "Tim" was supposed to bring along some more Molotov cocktails, but failed to show at the scene . The suspect was seen driving through the alleys around the area of 17th & Wright, and related to the other suspects that he was going to see his aunt . The indiv-idual by the name of "Black" stated he was also rolling with the 'group.This information was overheard by the "CI.".
Report per: Det. Frank A. VELASQUEZ.


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