More police reports show innocence

These police reports show Jackson was never at house where planning supposedly took place. Jackson did not see these reports until after the trial. Jackson's words: Statements again show I was not involved in hoax and was not to pay anyone money to commit the crime as Joseph Davis (Black) testified to at my trial. Also, I was arrested 8-23-96 shortly before midnoght. Yet witness statement names everyone involved meeting at her apartment onb 8-23-06 shortly before midnight, yet I was not there.
On 10-09-96, at 4:30pm, I, Det. Octavio Delgado received follow up investigation regarding this incident.

on 10-09-96, at 9:00pm, at 3223 N Buffum, Det. Delgado and PO Dan Thompson interview Telecia JOHNSON, B/F, dob: 1-16-78, of 3223 N Buffum, phone #265-9297 regarding this incident. It should be noted that Johnson was reluctantly giving the following information. Johnson related she is the current girlfriend of Tyrone Stallings and has been for approximately three or four months. Johnson states this past Tuesday, 10-8-96, Stallings had called from the County Jail. Johnson states Stallings advised her that Junior Brooks(William Brooks) had just deposited $1,000.00 dollars in his jail account and was also going to give her $1,000.00 dollars. Johnson states Brooks then called her and told her that he would be dropping off the $1,000.00 dollars today, 10-9-96, and that she was to give $500.00 dollars to Stalling sister, unknown name. Johnson states Brooks did give her his phone number, but refused to give it to me. Johnson did relate that Brooks was involved in large sales of narcotics and was attempted to pay off some people involved in this offense, so that they will not implicate him. Johnson stated she did not know who Brooks was to pay off. Johnson then stated several weeks before this whole incident occurred she over heard Brooks stating " we're going to do the move for some money". Johnson stated she did not know what exactly Brook's meant. Johnson then stated she was going to talk to Attorney Allen Eisenberg in the morning, 10-10-96, and give him all the information she had regarding Stallings and Brooks. Johnson states she is willing to talk with other Detectives and Allan Eisenberg in the morning. Johnson further related the only person she knows from this incident is Tyrone Stallings and Black.
On 10-15-96, at 6:20pm, at 3223 N Buffum st, I, Det. Octavio Delgado and Sgt. Michael Stroessner re-interviewed Telecia Johnson, B/F, dob: 1-16-78, of 3223 N Buffum, phone #265-9297 regarding this offense.
Johnson related three or four days before this incident occurred (8-23-96) in the area of N 24th st, between W Brown st and W. Galena st, between 2:00pm and 3:00pm, she went to a house at this location to meet her boyfriend Tyrone Stallings, aka T-Y,of five months. Johnson states she did not know who actually lived at this residence. Johnson states she just visited Stallings. Johnson states while at this residence for approximately one hour, a person she knows as Junior(William E. Brooks) came over for approximately fifteen minutes. Johnson states Junior came over in a green 4 door Blazer auto. Johnson states it was here that she heard Junior states that he had a move going down for some money. Johnson states she did not know what this meant. Johnson states Stallings then told her he was getting a lot of money for this move.
Johnson further stated approximately two or three weeks ago Stallings had called her from the Criminal Justice Facility. Johnson states that Junior was going to drop off $1,000.00 dollars at her house and she was to give it to his (Stallings) attorney. Johnson states that evening Junior did stop at her house and gave her $1,000.00 dollars for Stallings attorney. Johnson states she never gave the money to Stallings attorney and states she just kept the money. Johnson stated this was the first time she had ever met Junior.
Johnson further states last Tuesday, 10-8-96,at 2:00pm, Junior had called her and advised her that he had put $250.00 dollars into Stallings jail account. Johnson states Junior then gave her his pager number #981-0280. Johnson stated sometime later she paged Junior and asked for some money. Johnson states Junior agreed to give her some money and advised her that a girl would bring the money over. Johnson states on 10-8-96, between 2:30pm and 3:00pm, a girl that she did not know arrived at her residence and gave her $500.00 dollars. Johnson states she kept $250.00 dollars and gave $250.00 to Stalling's sister-Glendora who live in the area of N 17th and W Wright st, no phone.
Johnson stated approximately four days after Stallings was arrested for this offense he had called her from the Criminal Justice Facility. Johnson states, at this time, Stallings advised her that he thought Chris(Chris Jones) was a snitch and that he was going to try and set him up with the police. Johnson states Stalling did not state he was going to kill Chris, but was only going to set him up with the Police.
At this time, I, Det. Delgado showed Johnson the following Criminal Justice Facility Booking photos #650691393 (Timothy T. Dembry) , #688157293 (James Tate) , #651377293 (Dwayne Brown) , #607155634 {Christopher Jones) , #627710393 (Edward Jackson) , #633038293 (Joseph Davis) , #648240393 ( Tyrone Stallings) and Milwaukee Police Department BofI photo #128414 (William Brooks) . Johnson states she only knew #648240393 as Tyrone Stallings her boyfriend of five months and #633038293 as the person they call Black. Johnson stated she did not know the rest of the individuals in the photographs. Johnson states she has known Black (Joseph Davis) as Stallings friend and has only talked to him a few times over the last five months. Johnson states she really doesn't know Black.
Johnson further stated she will refuse to testify and refused to wear any kind of wire on her person. Johnson states she will not cooperate further with this investigation. Johnson did state her statement was truthful even though there were inconsistency in her last several statements.
On 10-15-96, at 7:lOpm, at 3111 W Wisconsin Ave,Allen D Eisenberg Attorney At Law Office, Det. Delgado and Sgt. Stroessner met with Attorney Alan D. Eisenberg and a female who identified herself as Kiesha L. Brown, per Attorney Eisenberg regarding this incident .
At this time, I, Det. Delgado interviewed Kiesha LaTrice Brown, B/F, dob: 9-4-77, cf 1150 N 20th st #504, phone #343-9127. It should be noted that Brown could not produce any identification at this time. Brown related several days ago she met a women named Kisha in the neighborhood who had informed her that Chris Jones had been arrested and that the Police were going to charge him with this incident, because all the other people involved in this incident are saying they don't know a person named Junior. Brown states she knew this was not true, so she went to Chris Jones father house and spoke with his father. Brown stated Chris Jones father told her to contact Alan Eisenberg.
Brown related this past July in the area of N 14th st and W. State st, she had met the following persons: Tall James, Junior, and Dwayne Brown. Brown states her girlfriend had known Tall James and that is how she met these men. Brown states Tall James, Dwayne Brown and Junior had a drug house above a store and bar on N 14th st and W State st. Brown states they sold crack cocaine in $10.00 dollar quantities from this drug house. Brown states one day while at the drug house on N 14th and W State st, Junior had asked her to go with him for a ride, so she did. Brown states she rode with Junior in his green Ford Explorer to the area of N Greenbay and W Capital area to a house. Brown states Junior entered a house and then returned with a plastic sandwich baggie containing crack cocaine. Brown states they then returned to the drug house on N 14th st and W States st, where Junior gave Dwayne Brown the drugs. Brown stated at the end of July Junior had given her some money to get an apartment at 2453 N 17th st #4. Brown stated she agreed to move out from her parent home and move into this new apartment on August 5, 1996. Brown stated Junior, Chris Jones, Dwayne Brown, and Tall James then immediately started to sell marijuana from her apartment. Brown stated they sold $5.00 dollar quantities and 1/4 ounce baggies of marijuana from her apartment.
I, Det. Delgado then showed Brown the following Criminal Justice Facility Booking photos: #650691393 (Timothy T. Dembry),# 688157293 (JamesTate) ,#651377293 (DwayneBrown) ,#607155634 (Christopher Jones) ,#627710393 (Edward Jackson) , #633038293 (JosephDavis) ,#648240393 (Tyrone Stallings) , and Milwaukee Police Department Bof I booking photo #128414 (William Brooks). Brown stated she has known #128414 as Junior her boyfriend of two weeks and has known him from the drug house on N 14th and W State st and 2453 N 17th #4 since July of 1996. Brown states she has known #688157293 -Tall James, #651377293 -Dwayne Brown, and #607155634 -Chris from the drug house on N 14th and W State st and at 2453 N 17th st since July of 1996. Brown stated she has known #650691393 (Tim Dembry) to smoke marijuana in her apartment with the guys since August of 1996. Brown states she does not know #627710393 (Edward Jackson).Brown stated she has known #633038293 (Joseph Davis) and 64824O393( Tyrone Stallings) from her drug house apartment. Brown states these two individuals would buy marijuana from the guys in her apartment.
Brown further stated on Thursday (8-22-96)and on Friday (8-23-96)in her apartment, 2453 N 17th #4, in the evening hours, she had seen Tall James (James Tate),Dwayne Brown, Junior(William Brooks),Chris Jones, and the individual she had identified from the criminal Justice Facility Booking Photos, Tyrone Stallings and Joseph Davis. Brown stated all of these men were talking among themselves. Brown stated she heard them talking about getting paid their money; Brown stated she heard Stallings state if Junior didn't pay them that Chris would pay them. Brown further state she observed Tall James and Dwayne Brown wiping several gold color bullets with a cloth in her apartment. Brown stated this was a truthful statement,however, she did not wish to testify in court .

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